It’s a…..

4 Apr

….. girl?  Probably?  Maybe?

So, we didn’t get our definitive answer.

But, all of that doesn’t really matter, because our baby is healthy, developing properly, has a 4-chambered heart, well developed spine, etc.  YAAAAAY!  She is only measuring in the 32nd percentile, which is a bit odd to me (have you SEEN Steve and I?!?!), but she has plenty of time to catch up.

When it came time to determine the gender, the ultrasound techs (there were 2 of them in my exam) said that they weren’t completely sure, but they both guessed that it’s a girl.  Apparently it’s better to have the ultrasound at 20 weeks – wish they would have TOLD me that!  ARGH!

At any rate, I’ve been looking at baby girl clothes and dreaming of having a little sidekick in life.  And that life is looking pretty darn good.  🙂


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