The Strangest of Dreams

24 Mar

Ever since the beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve had some of the strangest, most vivid dreams.  Last night was no exception.

Steve and I were on a bus in a foreign country, and for some reason our dog Sandy was with us.  At one point, we needed to ship something and we got off the bus but left Sandy on the bus with a bunch of foreign people.  We made it to a FedEx location and mailed off the package we had, and then made our way back to the bus.

When we arrived, we noticed that Sandy was missing, and the bus was parked next to a greyhound racing track.  Apparently, the foreigners had decided that Sandy was a valuable racing dog and they sold her to the track for $20,000!  Steve and I got really angry and jumped off the bus to go save Sandy from racing doom.

We got to the racing track, and Sandy was running around, visibly faster than all of the other dogs.  We ended up staying at the track and betting all of our money on her, making a substantial amount of money.

….and then I woke up to go to the bathroom for the 3rd time that night….


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