Ridding Ourselves of Bad 70’s Furniture

12 Mar

Last weekend I walked into the future nursery and had to laugh just a little bit.  You see, a lot of the furniture in our home is hand-me-downs from various members of Steve’s family.  While I think that’s lovely and would much rather get more life out of used furniture than spend money on new items, the problem comes when the used furniture looks like this:

My friends, that is a lovely piece of 70’s furniture.  Some of its features include orange hardware, a cigarette burn on the top surface, hardware that is completely off center, and various nicks and dings.  This is obviously a very used dresser.

I decided that instead of buying all new furniture for the nursery, I should refinish this dresser (and the small nightstand that matches) to get more life out of these pieces and not spend a ton of money.

Steve helped me out a lot on this project.  He’s a perfectionist, so everything had to be ‘just so’ before we could consider ourselves done.  Here is the final product:

Not too shabby, eh?  We sanded everything down, put wood putty in the cracks and dings, painted, and installed new hardware.  It looks really nice in the nursery, now it’s just time to get everything else going.

(Please excuse my crappy iPhone photos.  I really should stop being lazy and just get my camera out, but…. well…. I’m lazy.  I blame pregnancy.)


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